Embracing Every Mile

Portrait by Bianca Cordova

Sometimes our failures and mishaps cause greater doors to open up. These doors may lead to different places than originally anticipated, but wonderful opportunities arise from life’s alterations to our inner hopes and expectations. This is precisely what happened to Myles Powell, our handsome cover model from Issue 32 of FLL magazine.

The last time we spoke with Myles, he had just begun a new line of barbecue sauces and rubs and had made an appearance on the Food Network for a competition where he cooked duck for the first time. Unfortunately, he did not win the competition. However, he did prove to himself (and the judges) that he could cook duck after tweeting a photo of some duck he successfully made just a few days after the show.

Also, the last time we spoke with Myles he had successfully created one sauce. But at the Issue 32 launch party, which was held at Brent L. Miller, an opportunity arose and helped Myles expand his line of gourmet sauces and rubs called 8 Myles, LLC. It was during the party that Mark Pontz introduced Myles to Sharon Landis, owner of Zest! in downtown Lititz. Zest! was the first client to carry Myles’ sauces and his business has steadily increased since they became a repeat client.

Each sauce begins with a fruit and is paired with different spices and flavors over a period of several months. Myles builds and builds until the sauce is perfected. Which of his sauces does Myles recommend the most? “The pineapple buffalo is the best. You can put it on anything!” He laughs as I begin to practically drool, naming off variations of dishes to slather it on. Myles also recently began experimenting with a peach barbecue sauce and hopes to finish it by the end of 2016.

Since Issue 32 was released, Myles has been so successful that he actually was able to quit his full-time job to focus on his business. He runs 8 Myles, LLC. out of a D.C. facility and occasionally utilizes the Lancaster County Career and Tech Center when in Lancaster.

“Being in the position I’m in now, I really encourage people to take that leap of faith. You have a lot of unknowns, but you don’t want to look back and regret anything,” Myles advises others. “As scary as it is, it’s still worth it.”

Raspberry BBQ Sauce

Sweet and smoky with a little kick. Serve with pork or chicken.

Pineapple Buffalo Sauce

Sweet, tangy, and a little spicy. Serve on chicken, burgers, or scrambled eggs.

Mango Magic Sauce

Smokey BBQ + buffalo hybrid. Serve on veggie bowls, fish tacos, or shrimp kabobs.

Poultry Rub

Simple rub using basic spices. Serve on poultry or veggies, especially baked broccoli.