Cultivate, Forage, Create

— Originally published in Taysted Issue #04

The Railroad House Inn is comfortably nestled along the Susquehanna River in Marietta. The historic hotel houses a restaurant, private guest rooms, and a patio and garden for its patrons to enjoy. Recently, they reconstructed and opened the bar in the basement which doubles as a brand new, low-key music venue.

The menu changes seasonally, featuring a rotating beer list and entrées boasting seasonal vegetables beautifully prepared and arranged. Complex and unexpected flavor combinations often make appearances in their dinner, dessert, and brunch menus.

The sweet and sour coho salmon is glazed in a vibrant, rust orange mixture of sweet honey, tart red wine vinegar, and chili, which infuses heat into the dish. Tucked beneath the salmon is the chef’s version of fried rice—crispy, fluffy patties made of jasmine rice, scallions, and sweet red radish.

The dish is topped off with an autumnal Asian slaw. The slaw is a combination of carrots, peppers, onions, and cucumber pickled in rice wine vinegar. Herb aoli, a reduced soy sauce, and bits of baby arugula decorate the plate and balance the combination of flavors.

Railroad House Inn
280 West Front Street • Marietta, PA
(717) 426-4141 •