A Neat Burger

Everybody loves a good burger and we’re no different! What about a burger without meat? Can’t be good, right?

Wrong! If you think all veggie burgers are bland, tasteless, and leave you craving a real burger, you’ve never had a Neat Burger. What’s a Neat Burger you ask? It’s one of the latest additions to our menu which features Neat—a healthy meat alternative product made right here in Lancaster County. Derived from garbanzo beans, cashews, and spices, it’s mixed with a little water, an egg, and of course a few special ingredients. Neat easily forms into a burger patty that you can toss right on the grill. Top it with all the fixin’s and you’ve got yourself one tasty burger! In fact, we’re pretty sure that after your first Neat Burger, it won’t be long until you order your next one. “I’ll take a burger, hold the meat!”

Commonwealth on Queen
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