Iced Coffee Season is upon us, and the myriad options available seem to have bloomed suddenly with the Spring. It’s amazing and dizzying to see the variations of cold coffee that local shops and roasters have innovated.

Cold Coffee started, arguably, simply as an option for those who were less committed to their caffeine in the Summer heat; but the process of creating an entirely different type of brew has taken on a life of its own. And rightly so.

Increasingly, the most popular method for creating flavorful chilled coffee involves extraction over 8 hours or more, using water at 50˚F or lower. The resulting brew is much more suited to a cold presentation than a simple hot-brew put on ice. The cold process draws out all of the sweetness and body of a traditional brew around 200 ˚F, while cutting back on the natural acidity that is found naturally in all coffee beans.

Here around Lancaster PA, you’ll find Cold-Pressed Coffee, incorporating a French Press style method, with plenty of coffee oils and body; Cold Brewed Coffee, using paper filtration to clean up the brew for a more crisp taste and finish; Cold Concentrates, expanded with cream or water and, often, something extra like berries or cocoa; and MANY more.

Get out and explore your neighborhood coffee spots to see which method (or methods?) do it for you. Or if you’re feeling especially crafty, stop over to consider a recipe you can try at home, at The Gerhart Coffee Company’s Journal.


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