Tomato Pie Cafe: Coconut Quinoa Pancakes

I sat down at the bar of Tomato Pie Cafe in Lititz, and just stared at the menu. There were so many amazing choices, and I think my server realized I was having a hard time deciding on something to eat. She pointed to the first page of the menu which featured this month’s April Specials.

“The coconut quinoa pancakes are amazing. I would recommend those.” I was really torn between her suggestion and the old standby, a slice of hot and flavorful tomato pie. But once she told me that the pancakes came with toasted coconut and homemade salted coconut cream, I willfully obliged.

TomatoPieCafe-CoffeeThe barista made me a delicious, rich mocha with a cute little heart made from the steamed milk. I sipped on my mocha, smiling as it warmed me on the rainy morning.

Two pancakes came out with a side of pure maple syrup for just 75 cents extra. I drizzled the syrup on the pancakes and dug in. The salted coconut cream melted just enough into the pancakes to remind me of cozy childhood thoughts. I’ve never had quinoa pancakes before. Usually pancakes just fill me up and make me feel rather bloated, but the addition of nutritious and fulfilling quinoa was the perfect addition to an otherwise filling meal.

Make sure you stop into Tomato Pie Cafe and try one of their other specials!

LITITZ: 23 North Broad Street, Lititz, 17543. (717) 627-1762
HARRISBURG: 3950 TecPort Drive, Harrisburg, 17111. (717) 836-7051