Chocolate Mind Eraser

You know that when you walk in to the Flour Child in Columbia, you are going to get something good, that goes without saying. Alixe and the crew always have a fantastic assortment of wondrous treats for you to choose from. This particular day however, the selection I made was beyond the normal perfection, it actually interfered with my brain function!

When I asked Alixe what was available that day, she showed me one or two things and then said the word “chocolate” and then some other words. That is what I mean by interfering with my brain function.

This treat was rich and delicious, gooey in the middle and nicely toasty on the outside, it was absolutely perfect. What is is called? I have no idea! I was so happy while eating it that I literally forgot what it was called! I suppose I could call and ask, but you know, I think I’ll just go back and get some more of them… several more. Maybe I’ll remember then what she called it.

Then again, I’ll probably fall into another chocolate coma. I’m OK with that.

The Flour Child
646 Union Street, Columbia PA
(717) 431-8877