Chicken Kilkenny at Annie Bailey’s

Annie Bailey’s Irish Pub supplies a hearty offering of Irish Fare on its menu. With spring in the air, Annie Bailey’s has come up with some complex flavor combinations for their beautiful new menu. The pub created a new way to serve chicken that is far from ordinary.

I sat down at the bar last week with co-owner Joshua Funk to discuss their evolving menu and he even let me taste a few dishes. He served me one of his favorite new plates, the Chicken Kilkenny. This filling serving consists of two thick helpings of chicken breast (usually the chicken breasts are split in two, but for this dish they are still connected) combined with Irish rashers, or Irish bacon. The rashers are much more tender than bacon, with almost a juicy turkey-like consistency. Complete with creamy chive mashed potatoes and roasted root vegetables (carrots and brussel sprouts) this dish is the most comforting of suppers I’d had in a long time.

I was blown away by every aspect of this dish. The roasted carrots were sweet and tender, while the brussel sprouts were slightly charred and crispy. Everything was topped off with gooey Irish cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and housemade Guiness gravy. The gravy and mushroom combination was earthy, smoky, and rich in flavor.

Along with this exciting menu item, the pub has changed everything on their entree menu except for the top-selling Chicken and Biscuits and the Meatloaf. One of the pub’s managers is vegan and has assisted in coming up with more vegan and vegetarian options so that any customer can come in and enjoy a filling dish as creative as any other dish containing meat. The new menu, which Joshua Funk describes as a “more modernized menu” includes gluten-free items as well.

Some new ideas on the menu include Chipotle Black Bean Hummus, a Philly Pork Sandwich, Moules Frites (mussels), Poutine, BLT Bruschetta, gluten-free Chicken and Kale Ravioli and the Chef’s Choice of Steak which changes every few days.

The new menu at Annie Bailey’s Irish pub is so diverse and innovative; I was very pleased with my experience there last week.