Chef’s Table at TE

When the kitchen of TE was remodeled in 2008, the now ever-popular Chef’s Table was added. When sitting at the Chef’s Table, guests experience all of the action, rather than just seeing the final product placed in front of you. The knives, the flames, the tall white hats… All of this and more will be shown to you once you take a seat.

The Chef’s Table at TE, which is the fine Italian restaurant at The Inn at Leola Village, is an exclusive table literally placed right in the kitchen. When making your reservation with TE at the Chef’s Table, you will be asked to specify any number of food allergies which you or your guest(s) may have. This could include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or several other types of allergies, and your own personal chef will cater the menu to suit your needs on the night you reserve.


When you arrive at TE, you are greeted with a personalized menu which includes a welcoming to you at the top. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or just having a date night, TE will include your name and with you well for the occasion you are celebrating that particular evening.

But, this evening will reach far beyond your typical date night. You will find fresh flowers from the herb garden on your table, as well as fresh boutonnieres. You will have one, dedicated server for the entirety of the evening serving just you. Your chef will also come out and introduce themselves, and your first interaction with them will include a tasting of something especially made just for you before the evening begins.

The chef will then make you a nine-course meal, perfectly catered to any dietary restrictions you may have. A reservation at the Chef’s Table itself includes a five-course dinner, wine pairing, champagne toast, and a special surprise dessert. You can upgrade this to the Five Star Culinary Overnight Package. However, the Private Chef’s Table and Ultimate Gourmet Stay Package includes an overnight stay at The Inn, the nine-course dinner, champagne toast, wine pairing, and a spa treatment.

If you want an evening of fine surprises your taste buds are sure to enjoy, make your reservation for the Chef’s Table today!

Inn at Leola Village
38 Deborah Drive
Leola, PA 17540
(717) 556-8715