Chef Rafe Hottenstein of Greenfield Restaurant

Every time I step into Greenfield Restaurant to meet with Chef Rafe Hottenstein, I am treated well. Better than “well,” actually. Chef Rafe has a great sense of humor and connects with his customers through food, conversation, and hospitality.

When FLL showed up to shoot Chef Rafe’s submission for Food Fight (for FLL’s big ten year anniversary issue!), Rafe brought out an appetizer to snack on while he prepared his dish. The appetizer he provided consisted of fresh yellow and red tomatoes, seasoned with his new favorite charcoal spice called “Hardcore Carnivore Black.” He also brought out some thinly sliced meat seasoned with the same spice.


“Chef Rafe is passionate and so connected to his craft,” Mark Pontz says. “He is so interested in flavors and experimenting, and this adds a complex level of integrity into every dish he prepares.” Chef Rafe, you are doing it right!

The Greenfield Restaurant
595 Greenfield Road, Lancaster, 17601
(717) 393-0668