There’s a New Chef in Town: Chef Mario Romero

For the last six months, chef Mario Romero has been revamping the menu at Yorgo’s Restaurant & Lounge on 66 North Queen Street. Fine Living Lancaster magazine’s editor in chief, Mark Pontz, and myself were very impressed last week upon tasting their entry for issue 35’s Food Fight. Without spoiling the secret ingredient (keep your eyes peeled, though, to see what is), I can reveal to you that what we tasted was unlike anything we have tasted before from Yorgo’s.

Chef Romero is inventive, creative, and dedicated. As a young man, Mario won a scholarship for culinary arts. He attended to a Philadelphia-based program called CCAP (Careers through Culinary Arts Program), and from there attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Working with food spectaculars, such as Stephen Starr, Mario gained experience at as many restaurants as possible during his time in Philly. He has also cooked at Iron Hill and Gibraltar, and consulted for two years between Checkers Bistro and Pour.

You can definitely taste the difference on the menu at Yorgo’s. His goal has been to take away the generic food items, such as waffle fries and burgers, and add a more refined touch with dishes such as Kobe burgers and Ahi tuna tacos on their Taco Tuesday. Make your way to 66 North Queen Street for dinner tonight!

Speaking of Taco Tuesday…

Mondays: All you can eat crab legs
Tuesdays: Tacos
Wednesdays: Burgers
Thursdays: Wings (81 flavors)
Saturdays: Steak