A Smooth Transition: Chef Faith Shirk at Reflections Restaurant

I got the chance to interview the new head chef at Reflections Restaurant, Faith Shirk. You may recognize Faith already, because for the past year she has been employed as a server at Reflections. Now, she has been promoted to head chef, and the transition has been a fairly easy one.

Faith was previously the sous chef under Kelly Kapinos (current owner of Reflections) at Lily’s on Main in Ephrata. After Faith got pregnant, she decided to step down from sous chef and transferred to Reflections as a server so she could stay out the kitchen.

Her true passion is in the culinary arts. Five years after leaving high school, Faith went to the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts for two years, graduating with a degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management.

The transition from serving to cooking at Reflections has truly given Faith an advantage in the kitchen. “I already know the menu, what customers liked, what they didn’t like…” she explains. She has already instilled some changes into the menu, including moving from spring to summer flavors.

Faith recommends the Beef Kabobs made with dry aged beef, marinated summer vegetables, and a potato gratin. “It reminds me of being outside at a barbecue with family.” She also recommends the Caprese Salad Flatbread, made with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and fresh basil.

The future is bright for Faith and the restaurant. She’s hoping to make many more changes, including to the dessert menu. “I’m proud to be here, and happy to be here,” Faith says.