Burgers of Summer, Tasting #6:
Firepit Kitchen + Bar 

— By Maddy Pontz and Emily Truman • At Firepit Kitchen + Bar

We are pretty bummed to say that this is our final burger tasting of the summer! (Well, officially, anyway. We can absolutely promise there are a lot more unofficial burgers in our future…) To round out an awesome culinary adventure, we checked out Firepit Kitchen + Bar, where Chef Tim prepared three takes on the classic hamburger.

The Details: 

Ground Veal Sliders

Ground veal + balsamic onions + sautéed spinach + roasted garlic aioli

Greek Burger 

Eight ounces Prime Black Angus + Kefalotyri cheese + balsamic onions + spinach + red pepper aioli + country white roll

Wild Mushroom Burger 

Eight ounces Prime Black Angus + pan roasted wild mushrooms + Gruyere cheese + roasted garlic aioli + country white roll

EMILY: Okay, starting with an appetizer—the ground veal sliders. Smells delicious.
MADDY: I LOVE AIOLI. I’m such a fan. My host mom in Spain taught me how to make it.
EMILY: Like, from scratch?
MADDY: Yep, but trust me, this is going to be way better than anything I could make.


(Both take their first bites.)

EMILY: Oh, wooooow. I love this spinach on there. Those are the best flavors of all time all mixed together.
MADDY: I’ve never had spinach on a burger before…
EMILY: Me either.
MADDY: But, it’s so good. It’s so different and so good.
EMILY: The aioli and the balsamic are kind of tart and the spinach is a little earthy. The veal is super moist.

(Chef Tim brings out the two entrée burgers.)

EMILY: …Could we also maybe get a side of aioli to dip our fries in?
CHEF TIM: Oh heck yeah.
EMILY: What kind should we…
MADDY: I’m going to smush it down…I feel like we say that with every burger.


(Both take their first bites of the burgers; Maddy eats the wild mushroom burger and Emily eats the Greek burger.)

EMILY: Oh wow wow.
MADDY: It looks juicy. Is it juicy?
EMILY: Yes. This is really good. That red pepper aioli on there…that makes the burger. The beef is super juicy, tender, cooked to medium. It’s really awesome.
MADDY: Emily, this mushroom burger is so good. I am covered in sauce right now.
EMILY: We’re switching places; usually I’m covered in food. (Both laugh.)
MADDY: This is so good. I’m not even that hungry and I am definitely going to keep eating.

(Emily eats her first fry.)

EMILY: Mmmmm… there’s flaky sea salt on these!
MADDY: You can see the salt! I’m going to try it with some aioli.
EMILY: They are fresh cut…
MADDY: And they are so good with the aioli. That’s our insider tip: get a side of the garlic aioli for your fries. (Laughs.)

Final Notes: 

EMILY: As a huge fan of interesting flavor combinations, Firepit hits it out of the park. Seriously, I see why they won Lancaster’s Favorite Burgers! I can’t wait to try one of their weekly specials.
MADDY: Everything was delicious, but I am dying to go back and get that wild mushroom burger again ASAP. The aioli was so creamy and flavorful, and the mushrooms added the perfect amount of saltiness.

The Emojis Which Best Describe This Tasting:

EMILY: ???

MADDY: ???