Burgers of Summer — Tasting #5: Reflections

— by Maddy Pontz and Emily Truman • At Reflections

Well, well, well. Another day, another burger! Trust me, we aren’t complaining.

Today’s tasting took us to Reflections Restaurant in Leola. We sat in the gorgeous sunroom with floor to ceiling windows. Kelly Kapinos of Reflections decided to surprise us with the best selling burger. We were a little nervous but knew we were in good hands with Kelly.

What she brought out was astronomically sized!

MADDY: Oh my god. It’s so big!

Kelly explained the delicious gift she bestowed upon us.

KELLY KAPINOS: This is our Whiskey Burger. It has housemade onion rings, applewood bacon, smoked gouda, lettuce, tomato, and our whiskey glaze which is kinda like a barbecue sauce with a wing sauce kick. So, it’s got a little bit of a spice to it. And housemade chips.
MADDY: I don’t know how to start eating that burger.
EMILY: There should be an instruction manual!
MADDY: (Removes knife.) You’re supposed to just smash it down? Oh my god, okay! First bite.
The moment of truth.
EMILY: I heard the crunch.
MADDY: This is amazing. The sauce is so good. The fried bacon and onion ring is balanced really nicely, like we were thinking, with the tomato and lettuce because it’s so fresh. And the sauce kinda ties it all together. Do you wanna try it?
EMILY: Well, yeah! The chips are like the perfect thickness and not too salty either.
MADDY: This really does need an instruction manual.
EMILY: Mmmmmmm…

ReflectionsBurgerPolaroidFinal Thoughts:

MADDY: Super tasty burger with well balanced flavors! Loved the texture of the onion rings. (Also, just a super photogenic burger…)
EMILY: The sign of a truly good burger happens when my first thought is, “I gotta bring my dad here to taste this.” I am, without question, forcing my dad to taste this awesome burger.

Emojis Which Describe This Tasting:

MADDY: ⭐️??