Burgers of Summer — Tasting #4: Yorgo’s

— by Maddy Pontz and Emily Truman • At Yorgo’s

The Details: 

Loukaniko Burger: (pictured above)

Ground beef patty + Greek Loukaniko sausage + feta + onion + cucumbers + tomato + olives + tzatziki + brioche bun

Fine Living Burger: (pictured below)

Ground beef patty + fresh mozzarella + tomato + basil + balsamic glaze +brioche bun

New Belgium Citradelic: a citrusy IPA

Yorgo’s Collins: fresh lime + fresh orange + sweet and sour mix + fizz


EMILY: So, what are you expecting from these burgers, Maddy?
MADDY: Okay. I am a little bit nervous because these are not flavors I would normally put on a burger, right? The tzatziki sauce and the mozzarella…. Those are not things I would normally think to put on a burger, but I’m excited because they’re different.
EMILY: I’m just expecting a bunch of flavor, flavor, flavor!
EMILY: I’m so excited because I just love things that are, like, packed with flavor.

Our kind, knowledgeable server brings out two burgers with freshly made curly fries.

MADDY: Okay, so we just got word that this is actually the Fine Living Burger. If you come into Yorgo’s and order the Fine Living burger, you will get the one with mozzarella, basil, tomato, and balsamic glaze!
EMILY: I am overwhelmed… with the Greek sausage on it? Okay, here is the kicker. We thought the burger was made of the Greek sausage. No, no. There is a burger patty, and then the actual sausage is on top of the burger.
MADDY: And then the feta cheese! Okay, are you ready? (both take massive bites of burgers) Mmmmm!

EMILY: So good! The cucumber on here is so fresh!
MADDY: Mine is, like, wrapped in mozzarella. It’s not just a piece of mozzarella. It’s like the whole patty is wrapped in it. The balsamic glaze is not too sweet. It’s perfect.


And then it came time to taste the delicious drinks Yorgo’s was so kind enough to include.

MADDY: (tastes the Yorgo’s Collins) This is like summer in a drink. It’s so good.
EMILY: Oh, wow. You can really taste the orange and lime in it. It’s super tart, super sweet, and refreshing.
MADDY: With a little bit of fizz in it.

EMILY: (tastes the New Belgium Citradelic IPA): Oh, that’s really refreshing, too.
MADDY: I don’t even like IPA’s and that’s really good.
EMILY: It’s really citrusy.
MADDY: Both of these drinks are perfect for summer.


MaddyEmilyYorgosPolaroidFinal Thoughts:

EMILY: I am truly not a fan of IPA’s, but the Citradelic was the absolute perfect pairing for the burgers. The fresh mozz on top of the Fine Living burger with the fresh basil was incredibly unique. It inspired me to bring different toppings to Memorial Day festivities that next weekend!
MADDY: The Yorgos Collins cocktail was seriously summer in a glass. I loved the Greek sausage on top of the burger; it was the perfect mix of flavors. Flavor, flavor, FLAVOR!

Emojis That Best Describe This Tasting:


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