Burgers of Summer — Tasting #3: Horse Inn

— by Maddy Pontz and Emily Truman • At Horse Inn

The Details: 

Horse Inn Cheeseburger

Custom blend of short rib, brisket, chuck and 10% dry aged beef + lettuce + tomato + red onion + white American cheese + special sauce + Alfred & Sam’s bun

Horse Fries 

Rooster St. Provisions sausage + Parmesan & aged provolone cheese + garlic heavy cream + house hot sauce

MADDY: So, I feel like we should be forthcoming with our love of the Horse Inn’s cheeseburger…
EMILY: True. This is not our first time tasting it.
MADDY: Honestly, I have dreams about this burger. Wonderful dreams.
EMILY: We have eaten this burger about… 80 million times. (Both laugh.)
MADDY: BUT! Somehow I’ve never had the Horse fries before! It’s my first time tasting them.
EMILY: They are so. good. Let me tell you.
MADDY: Dude, I can’t wait.
EMILY: Matt (Horse Inn chef and co-owner, Matthew Russell) was also nice enough to recommend some of their new alcoholic sodas to try tonight!


horsePolaroid1(Our server brings over the sodas – strawberry rhubarb and orange creamsicle, both with vodka.)

MADDY: I still never know how I feel about rhubarb, so let’s see. Oh! Let me try the strawberry first though, because it’s pink and it matches my nail polish.
EMILY: (laughs) Okay, I’ll try the orange creamsicle.

(Both take a sip.) 

EMILY: It’s delicious. I’m kind of confused on how they got it to taste so creamy…like a creamsicle…
MADDY: Can you taste the vodka in it?
EMILY: Noooo…and that’s the dangerous part. (Laughs.) You CANNOT taste the vodka in it.
EMILY: This is delicious. The orange flavor is perfect for people who don’t want a super sweet soda.
MADDY: I love this strawberry rhubarb one! It’s so good. It’s a little sweeter, which I like because I like everything super sweet anyway.
EMILY: Let’s trade! (Sips strawberry rhubarb soda.) Woooooooow, this one tastes like strawberry rhubarb pie.
MADDY: This is so good! And it comes in the cutest bottles!! I love them.
EMILY: Everything about it is adorable! I wonder if you could make boozy popsicles with these sodas? Would they even freeze with the vodka in them?!?

HorsePolaroid2(Our server brings the burger and fries out; both take their first bites.)

MADDY: Look. At. Those. Fries.
EMILY: I have sauce all over my face. I don’t even care.
MADDY: I am actively jealous that you’re eating right now and I’m not.
EMILY: The burger is SO juicy. This burger just has a lot of the guts. Lots of lettuce. Lots of cheese. The sauce is beneath the burger on the bun, and then the cheese is on top, which I think is important.
MADDY: That’s what I was talking about with you earlier! It’s like the special sauce makes the whole burger taste cheesier. I could eat that sauce on everything. That sauce is what I dream about.
EMILY: The bun is so soft, so fresh. So fresh, so clean! (Emily cracks herself up and grabs a handful of fries.)
EMILY: The Parmesan on those fries!! You GOTTA try them.
MADDY: I’ve heard a million good things about them, so… Oh my god, so good. Is that the same sauce that’s on the burger?
EMILY: NO! It’s a different sauce.
MADDY: How do they have so many delicious sauces here?
EMILY: …because they’re masterminds.

Final Notes: 

EMILY: This burger never fails me. The masterful combination of locally sourced meats creates a flavorful bite, enrobed in special sauce and good old American cheese.
MADDY: I could eat this burger every day and never get sick of it. Horse Inn makes some killer sauces, for sure! (See: the special sauce on the burger [one of my favorites] and the garlic heavy cream/house hot sauce mix on the Horse fries)

The Emojis Which Best Describe This Tasting:

2 ? 4 — Emily

❤️❤️❤️❤️ — Maddy