Burgers of Summer — Tasting #2:
Federal Taphouse

— by Maddy Pontz and Emily Truman • At Federal Taphouse

Venturing back out into the world of Lancaster’s best burgers, Emily and Maddy’s standards are officially sky high. It is time to see what else is out there in the world of gourmet twists on our favorite American summertime classic.


The Details: 

Burger2PolaroidBison Burger 

Organic grass-fed bison + bacon jam + aged cheddar + crispy onions

MADDY: Okay, so what are our expectations for this burger?
EMILY: I know it’s organic and grass-fed and that usually lends itself to a bit of a different flavor… maybe a little moister?
MADDY: See, I always feel like it’s the opposite. Bison can be so dry! I’m nervous it’ll be dry.
EMILY: I just know it’s going to have a great texture.
MADDY: I’m excited to try this one.

(Our server, Alicia, brings the burger out.)

EMILY: Okay, you take the first bite.

(Maddy takes a huge bite and a bunch of crispy onions fall out of the other side of the burger.)

MADDY: Dude. Dude, it’s so good.
EMILY: (Takes her first bite) I taste maple, I taste smoke…
MADDY: Oh my god, the bacon jam.
EMILY: I want to eat this burger every single day of my life until the day I die.
MADDY: This is seriously like nothing I’ve ever tasted before.

(Alicia, our server, returns.)

EMILY: Is the jam house-made?
MADDY: IS IT? I have to know.
ALICIA: Oh yeah, it’s one of my favorites.
EMILY: Good call on suggesting the duck fat fries, by the way! (As Maddy stuffs a handful of said fries in her mouth.)
ALICIA: Yeah, they are scrumdidiliumptious.
MADDY: I can’t stop eating these fries. (Continues eating fries.)
EMILY: And, they totally combated the dryness of bison! It wasn’t dry at all!
MADDY: Seriously, no, not at all. Why have I wasted so much time eating dry bison burgers when this was out there?

Final Notes: 

EMILY: So smoky and so intensely flavorful. I am sad I had to share half of it.
MADDY: I’ve never tasted anything like that bacon jam before. I know I couldn’t stop talking about it, but it was just so unique and so delicious.  Burger2a

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