Burgers of Summer — Tasting #1: The Waterfront

— by Maddy Pontz and Emily Truman • At The Waterfront

Ahhh, the smell of summer! We can hear the birds chirping away as a cool breeze kisses our skin. Summertime means laughter, togetherness, cool drinks, and the sweet sizzle of burgers on the grill.

EMILY: Which burger should we get?
MADDY: Excuse me. This one has mac and cheese and onion rings. I’m just envisioning ketchup… everywhere.

This is a typical conversation between Maddy Pontz and Emily Truman who have made it a goal to taste the BURGERS OF SUMMER. They ventured into Lancaster with one goal: to find Lancaster’s best burgers.

The first stop: The Waterfront (680 Millcross Road). The Waterfront has a special gourmet burger night every Monday and Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. Maddy and Emily tried two types of burgers for round one: The Waterfront II and The Peanut Butter.

The Details:

Waterfront II
8 ounces of burger + mac and cheese + tempura onion rings + local bacon

Peanut Butter
8 ounces of burger + local bacon + Jiff peanut butter + sriracha + Cabot cheddar

Polaroid-WaterfrontEMILY: So, what are we expecting from these?
MADDY: I have never had a burger with mac and cheese on it.
EMILY: I feel like that will taste really good, especially with the onion rings. So, it will be like the burger… which is obviously juicy, and then the creamy mac and cheese, and the crunchy onion rings… and bacon!
MADDY: Yes, but I feel like it will be impossible to eat.
EMILY: Oh my god, there it is. (Waitress brings burger out.)
MADDY: Smush it. Smush it so you can fit the whole thing in your mouth, Emily.
EMILY: Like this? (Smushes burger and then attempts to fit the entire burger in her mouth.) Oh my god.
MADDY: Is it good?
EMILY: Mmmhmmm. Oh my god.
MADDY: You’re so oily. It’s like you don’t even care. You’re like, “I don’t care! Bacon!” It looks so good. Oh my god, there’s cheese on the bun!
EMILY: As if there wasn’t enough cheese on the inside.
MADDY: I feel like this is an incredibly filling burger. (Takes a bite.) Oh my god, there’s so many flavors!
EMILY: You can’t have a good burger without a good piece of ground beef.
MADDY: And it’s cooked perfectly. The bun is amazing. I thought that it would be too much, and it’s not.
EMILY: Yes, it actually adds to the cheesy flavor.
MADDY: The bacon is crispy, which is important. I feel strongly about that.

Final Notes:
MADDY: THOSE FRIES! Perfect amount of saltiness. I don’t usually like onions but the onion ring had such a good crunch. Mac and cheese is my favorite food. Burgers are my favorite food. The combo is insane!
EMILY: The mac and cheese adds more of a texture than anything. The cheesy bun is the basis of the amazing cheesy flavor. The burger was juicy, salty, and crunchy, with a touch of sweetness from the onion ring.

The Emojis Which Best Describe This Tasting:
??✨ (Maddy)
???THOSE. ??FRIES. (Emily)