I Want A Burger Day

Two pancakes stand in for the bun on this decadent brunch treat from Reflections. The addition of bacon, not one but two fried eggs and hollandaise sauce bridge the gap nicely from breakfast to lunch.

Make no mistake, this is not a grab it and go burger, this is “knife and fork required.”

The yolks blend beautifully with the hollandaise and the maple-cayenne dipping sauce. Lettuce, tomato and american cheese bring you back from venturing too far into breakfast flavors.

This burger is truly a defining moment for the word “brunch.” As it is such an indulgence, it is probably not the best choice for every day enjoyment, but taste this savory/sweet creation once and you are likely to return on special occasions at the very least (you know, like a holiday).

The new “I Really Want A Burger Day” would be a great opportunity. In case you were not aware of that particular holiday, it falls on any month that has a Saturday in it.

Reflections Restaurant
1390 Oregon Road • Leola, PA 17540
(717) 656-3717