Choose Your Seat

— From the pages of Taysted #03 • Written by Joe Cillufo

The General Sutter Inn has been an operating inn and restaurant since 1764. The beautiful, historical building has undergone many changes since opening The Bulls Head Public House. Recently, the dining room and hotel rooms have been completely renovated. A lounge area has also been added to the Bulls Head side of the building for more casual seating.

One of the most unique aspects of the General Sutter Inn/Bulls Head Public House is that the same menu is offered throughout the entire building. Whether you want traditional sit-down table service or a more casual English pub setting where you order your fare at the bar, you can satisfy any craving your heart may have on a whim. Guests at the same table can get Miso Orange-Glazed Salmon and an order of Fish and Chips no matter what part of the building you choose to dine in.

The restaurant is most known for their flavorful, tender burgers made of 100% prime beef and served on a brioche roll with a side of chips. Make sure you try out their brand new spring menu which owner, Joe Cilluffo, says has more of an Asian flare. You can also take part in murder mysteries, whiskey dinners, and even beer school.

Whether you’re relaxing in the shade of one of the patios with a fanciful cocktail, or chatting with friends by the lobby fireplace with a glass of wine, the options for different environments are virtually endless, but the same, incredible food will be served to you regardless of where you choose.

Bull’s Head Public House / General Sutter Inn
14 East Main Street, Lititz PA