Brown Sugar

— From the pages of Taysted Issue #02 • Written by Justin Smay

Confectioner or coffee roaster? A true coffee lover might be willing to use either term for what we do. Really, it all comes down to the sugar.

The Gerhart Coffee Company introduced fresh-roasted coffee to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1880. Fresh is crucial. Once the sugars in those delicious little beans have been lightly caramelized they are significantly more volatile—flavor and aroma evaporating into the air with every minute.

The work of a coffee roaster is actually very technical, scientific even. Most, though, have acquired a bit of an artistic feel for their craft with much patience and practice, coaxing the roast in just the right way, where one bean is beginning to char and over-darken, another may just be sweetening to its peak flavors.

Perhaps it is just a cup of coffee. But, just once, consider your morning cup as the sweet extract of exotic sugars from around the world and you’ll taste what we’re talking about.

Gerhart Coffee Company
224 Wohlsen Way, Lancaster PA