Bowl(ed) Over

— From the pages of Taysted Issue #02

Issei Noodle now has a full-service restaurant behind their Queen Street take-out window. When they opened, I was amongst the first people through the doors for a repeat of the amazing Spicy Tan-Tan Ramen (the #8 as it is known to their Cumberland County fans). They offer a similar dish in Bahn Mi form that I raved about on this website in December 2013 … and this bowl is worthy to carry the name of that amazing sandwich.

It’s spicy any way you taste it, but not off-putting to the palate. The dish is made with ground and sliced pork, slow-braised chashu, fresh scallions, bok choy and menma (like bamboo shoots), white goma, and pork broth. It is simply stunning. Served over imported ramen noodles, the dish is light and delicious. Served here with fresh spring rolls (perfect to cool your palate from the spicy broth) that offer a crisp texture with a secret family recipe peanut dipping sauce. Add a chai tea and your day is complete.

44 North Queen Street, Lancaster PA