BONJOUR: French Toast

I’m the worst at making French toast, so I always welcome it to be made for me. What is the secret to it, anyways? I swear that I’m actually awful at making ALL breakfast foods. Soft poached eggs become mashed up lumps of wet scrambled crap, crispy bacon ends up charred, and hash browns end up either nasty and soggy or hard and undercooked.

I consulted Google to see what the “secret to perfect French toast” was.

Some websites say you’re using the wrong kind of bread. The bread should be thick, not wimpy. Other websites say you’re using too much milk or too few egg yolks. It is also suggested to use oil to cook your French toast rather than, more commonly, butter.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants in Lancaster who serve up a mean French toast:
Gracie’s on West Main
Annie Bailey’s
Our House Cafe
Tomato Pie Cafe (Lititz and Harrisburg)

Here are some ideas for French toast toppings:
Nutella + Bacon
Mangos + Cinnamon (cooked down)
Ice Cream + Fudge
Peanut Butter + Honey
Bananas + Caramel
Icing + Chocolate Chips
Berries + Honey
Poached Eggs  + Syrup
Ham + Egg + Syrup