Bold Choices

— From the pages of Taysted Issue #02

When you ask a chef to present a dish they want to be sure people know about, you don’t expect a vegetarian dish to come out of The Pressroom’s kitchen—that’s a bold choice. Knowing Chef Matt Titter, a bold choice is no surprise. Since taking command of the kitchen and the menu of The Pressroom, Matt has made many bold choices. Fresh and locally sourced ingredients are a must in the kitchen and progressive dishes are now the standard. Regarding the vegan spaghetti shown here, fresh squash and zucchini are used as the “noodles” replacing the pasta. House made falafel “meatballs” and a vibrant, slow-cooked mushroom marinara complete the dish. “Even carnivores order this dish,” Matt told us. “It’s one of our more consistent sellers.”

While most restaurants have a “go-to” option for vegans and vegetarians, they are often an afterthought or a less-than-well-thought-out conversation of a dish already on the menu. Not so at The Pressroom. This dish went through a long evolution to become a solid representation of the ethics and ethos of the kitchen and still be vegan-friendly. We say it is a bold choice and it is well executed… we did not even miss the pasta.

The Pressroom Restaurant
26-28 West King Street, Lancaster PA