A Fresh Spin on “BLT” at Annie Bailey’s

When most of us make a BLT, we take two slabs of bread, some crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, and juicy slices of tomato, and boom! A BLT sandwich. Anyone who loves BLT’s can appreciate the fresh spin on this basic recipe at Annie Bailey’s when ordering their BLT Bruschetta. I’ll break it down for you:

B is for Bacon: the chef uses house cured thick-cut slab bacon. It tastes like caramel, with a natural sweetness and a little kick.

L is for Lettuce: the plate is garnished with delicate microgreens. The microgreens can be added by hand at the table.

T is for Tomato: the chef uses a house-made tomato jam. The tomato jam is tangy and creamy and like nothing I’d ever tasted.

To top it all off, tangy goat cheese is added. The BLT Bruschetta is filling and perfect to share for an afternoon snack (although no one would judge you if you kept it for yourself).

Make sure you stop into Annie Bailey’s to taste their new menu, featuring many vegan and vegetarian items.