Blind Tasting

MasterChef Season 3 winner Christine Ha will bring her food and her philosophy for life and living to the Ware Center this Friday, November 8th at 6:00 PM. Ms. Ha will share stories on winning MasterChef and how she views her cooking style based on her unusual (for a chef) circumstances.

UnknownExecutive Chef Matt Titter from The Pressroom will be preparing several dishes from her first cookbook, Recipes from My Home Kitchen: Asian and American Comfort Food and has commissioned Carmen and David’s Creamery to create an ice cream recipe from the book as well.

We asked Executive Chef Titter for his thoughts on the evening and he told us; “Food has become a way to communicate and experience life for Chef Ha. Providing comfort and companionship while pulling from family tradition, the items we are preparing Friday from her cook book are the epitome of why Ms. Ha cooks: to connect with others. It is an honor to have been asked to participate in Excentia Weekend event with Christine Ha. Ms. Ha’s path to success in MasterChef Season 3 exemplifies Excentia’s initiative to help each individual reach their highest potential. Supporting Excentia’s programs and life-changing dedication only strengthens our community and helps all involved reach their day-to-day and lifelong goals.”


Christine Ha: