Bahn Me!

The traditional vietnamese sandwich gets a fantastic showing from Issei Noodle carry out on N. Queen Street. The Bánh mì Tan-Tan shown here is absolutely perfect. Char siu (slow-braised pork) along with spicy ground pork and pork roll along with the traditional mayo, pickled vegetables, cucumbers and scallions on an airy, toasted roll and drizzle with sesame sauce is heaven in a bun. Both spicy and tart from the vegetables, this sandwich represents all that is good and wonderful about vietnamese culinary influence.

Here is the best part … it is only five bucks! Go now, seriously, get in your car right now and go get one for yourself. No, strike that, get two, that’s only ten bucks! Your wallet will be happy, and your stomach will be delirious.

Issei Noodle
44 N. Queen Street, Lancaster PA
717.449.6800 • Facebook