Bacon Purist

From humble beginnings as peasant fodder, bacon has taken on a cult following and risen to culinary royalty in modern society.  Unfortunately, a simple smoked belly is no longer considered the delicacy it once was.  It seems as though the only way to grab a “foodie’s” attention these days is with increasingly out of the box flavors such as “Thai Green Curry” or “Hops & Summer Honey”.  With dozens of options to choose from at the local supermarket, it should come as no surprise that it requires such outrageous creations to grab a customer’s attention these days.  How else can the up-and-coming butcher hope to compete with the billions of dollars spent on advertising campaigns by the meat packing conglomorates that dominate the modern economy?

Whether you like it thick sliced or thin, pan fried or baked, I challenge you to skip the supermarket, ignore the wild and crazy flavors that are being pushed by the “hip” new guys on the block and stop by your local butcher the next time you get a craving for salty deliciousness.  Take time to appreciate the attention to detail that goes into selecting only the bellies with the perfect fat-to-meat ratio.  Savor the carefully chosen blend of herbs and spices that have been hand rubbed into every piece of meat with care.  And treasure the simplicity of a perfectly smoked morsel of culinary royalty.

Andrew Aho, Executive Chef
POUR on Prince

114 North Prince St.
Lancaster, PA 17603
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