Aww, Shucks!

I’ve been to the Horse Inn several times and made my way down their delicious, ever-changing menu depending on what’s fresh and in season. However, last week was a new experience for me. What did I try for the first time at the Horse Inn, and for the first time ever? Oysters.

I had no idea what to expect. I had scarfed down delicious mussels plenty of times but I was told oysters were a completely different ballgame. I was excited and nervous, but above all, I was ready to try them.

Owner and head chef Matt Russell brought out a gorgeous red vintage Old Milwaukee tray to the table. Nestled in a layer of crushed ice were twelve Connecticut Blue Point oysters on the half shell, sourced from Mr. Bill’s Fresh Seafood. In three small metal cups were a yummy array of colorful toppings. Matt explained to me that in one cup was locally grown and made Long’s horseradish, in another cup was a cucumber mignonette (made in house,) and lastly was a homemade cocktail sauce. And of course, you can’t have oysters without a lemon wedge or two!

Matt laughed and smiled as I stared at the oysters and asked, “So… Now what?” Grinning, he patiently instructed me to experiment with each topping and explained how to eat them. Carefully lifting the first oyster to my mouth so as not to spill the liquid and toppings out of the shell, I tipped it back, chewed twice (as instructed,) and swallowed.

The meat was buttery, creamy, and briny. The quick bite of the horseradish was subtly cooled down by the cucumber mignonette. I was instantly addicted. I tried another yummy oyster with another combination of toppings, and another, and another, and another… I had to resist ordering more! They were gone all too soon. I can honestly say that my first ever oyster experience was delightful, and I can’t wait to return to the Horse Inn to eat more! Aww, shucks!

Experience the Horse Inn at 540 East Fulton Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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