An Ode to Dosie Dough

— From the pages of Taysted #03 • Written by Penn Ketchum

Dosie Dough is one of my very favorite places in the world. It has been my home away from home ever since I started getting out of the house with “the baby” on Saturday mornings over 16 years ago. I am an “everything bagel, toasted with cream cheese” kind of guy (and a black coffee, too, of course). A really good bagel is not so easy to find, so when I found a place that played the Dead, had killer freshly baked goods and a kind heart, I was home.

They also make fresh sandwiches, salads, and cookies. My brother flies in from the west coast to get a hold of the chocolate-covered cookie sandwiches. He claims he’s coming to see us, but I know better. I always work better with a cup of coffee and a bagel on my desk.

All of this is true and the fresh bagels are true, too. But I don’t think that’s why I love Dosie Dough so much. I think it’s because they are our community. They know everybody and everybody feels welcome when they walk in. It’s good stuff. It is the kind of place that makes the news of the day seem far away and makes our hometown feel like a place where everything is gonna be okay.

Dosie Dough
45 South Broad Street, Lititz PA
(717) 626-2266

Penn Cinema
541 Airport Road, Lititz PA