All Up in Your Grill with Killer Kitchen

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We took the time to grill Greg and Heather Murray, owners of Killer Kitchen Gourmet, LLC, with some rare questions about what lights their fire. And… they totally smoked ‘em!

[Fine Living Lancaster] You both always seem to be busy cooking and doing events. What drives you?

[Killer Kitchen Gourmet] My wife Heather and I both agreed when we met that one of the greatest things in life is a unique culinary experience. We both agreed it’s not just the food that makes life so sweet, but the attitude of being a “foodie” that goes a long way. You have to appreciate the whole process involved, such as climate, region, cooking techniques, and the hard work that goes into executing an amazing experience. When we started our own food business, we knew it would be a commitment to detail and long hours. Every time we have an opportunity to cater or do a concession event, we understand it’s a fresh opportunity to blow people away with unforgettable flavors. That’s what drives us: the burning desire to deliver a unique culinary experience to the marketplace. We strive to sweep people off their feet with authenticity. Cooking for people is one of our favorite ways to celebrate life and friendship.


[FLL] You recently took a trip to Italy. Does traveling inspire your cooking?

[KKG] Our travel adventures have molded us into the innovative people we are today. Wherever we go, we take pictures of the cuisine, meet with chefs, visit farms and markets, and document as much of the experience as we can. It’s invigorating to be in a new area of the world and learn about the culture and food. My wife grew up in an Italian family making homemade sauce with her Mom and Gram Grumelli. We have always loved Italian cooking and wine, so we decided to travel to Italy for two weeks for the enrichment. Our goal was to capture the essence of the country. It was the most passionate place we ever traveled. Italy is a “Foodie’s Dreamland.” Many of our new creations are inspired by those two weeks alone. Some of our other favorite culinary destinations are Napa Valley, New York City, and St. Martin. Wherever you may find us next, rest assured that we are soaking up the influence and very grateful for the opportunity.


[FLL] How do you “refill your cup” after a long day? What do you do to relax?

[KKG] After a long day, we like to enjoy a fine bottle of wine from our collection. Having the time to appreciate every sip and pairing it with a new cheese or small plate with nowhere else to be feels good. We have two dogs who absolutely adore us and spending time with them is the best. One of my favorite things to do for my wife is throw down an elegant dinner with some new flavors and ingredients. She has always referred to me as her favorite chef. We love to dine out and try new places, but also visit our favorites as much as we can. Outside of food, I am an avid golfer and Heather takes body combat and enjoys the gym. We never miss a family event and love to hit the beach or a dock bar, too.

[FLL] Wildcard Question: What is something about each of you that very few people know?

[KKG] I got my first job at the age of 14 steaming crabs, cleaning fish, and shucking oysters in a seafood restaurant in Baltimore. I loved it since I grew up on the Chesapeake fishing and crabbing on my father’s boat. Heather was a promotional model for an agency for five years. She would do special events and concerts, and also modeled for the food and beverage industry. Many people may not know that our first date was at the Belvedere and I proposed to Heather at Ma(i)son two years later.

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