A Very Vegan Hanukkah

I love Hanukkah so much. My memories revolve around sitting at our massive wooden table, and lighting the menorah with my family. Each night my brother and I would take turns saying the beautiful Hebrew prayer which we then translated into English.

Random note: We still have a huge burn mark on our kitchen table from a fallen candle. Now my mother slides a piece of foil underneath to prevent this from happening ever again. Dé classé.

Sometimes my mom would use her popsicle stick “puppets” to tell us the story of Hanukkah. Other days we would cram as much chocolate gelt into our bellies as possible. My favorite tradition, however, is that of making and eating potato latkes.

Just over the past few years, however, I was introduced to other types of latkes: zucchini, carrot, sweet potato, etcetera. Mind blown.

This year, I decided to have a couple girlfriends over for a small Hanukkah celebration. One of my friends is vegan, so I decided to make food that would be satisfying (as far as leaving my home feeling full) but also vegan-friendly. Normally matzo ball soup is made during Passover, but many of my friends do not get to experience the wonderful Seder each year. Therefore, I added the dill- and vegetable-filled soup to my menu.

To end the evening, we will play a (most likely lengthy) game of dreidel. I am so excited to prepare some of my favorite traditional Jewish foods for my friends so they can experience the magic that is… Hanukkah!