A Very Spooky Weekend


What. A. Weekend!

hallow3I was really impressed this year with Lancaster involvement in Halloween and everyone’s immense creativity. When I left my house to go to work, the streets were flooded with trick-or-treating children in adorable little costumes. Lancaster bars and restaurants hosted costume contests all weekend, served spooky drinks, and concocted some odd little entrees for the Halloween festivities.

Federal Taphouse served up some Hollandaise Oysters made with jet black squid ink. The visual aesthetic versus the actual taste of the hollandaise was perplexingly wonderful. Visually, the oysters were drenched in a thick, tar-like substance. Though plated beautifully atop a pile of salt and dotted with star anise, they looked quite eerie. The taste, on the other hand, was incredible. The hollandaise was lemony and the oysters were tender and briny.

They also featured some Buffalo Chicken Gnocchi. The gnocchi was made with ground up spicy corn chips as the flour base for the tiny, flavorful nuggets. On top of the gnocchi nest was some shredded chicken, crumbled bleu cheese, and celery leaves. I couldn’t believe that the gnocchi was made with chips! It tasted absolutely delightful.

hallow5The Horse Inn also did something a little special. They played the movie, Nosferatu, with live musical accompaniment. Nosferatu is a German expressionist horror film made in 1922. The silent film is an unauthorized adaptation of the original Dracula movie. The musical accompaniment followed the plot of the story, helping the viewers understand and experience the movie to its fullest while enjoying a tasty meal. The Horse Inn also served up a special Potion #666 in a round, corked bottle, which was a vodka-based fruit punch made with chia seeds.

Local event planners, Homespun, sponsored a free costume contest at the Chameleon Club over the weekend as well. Held downstairs in the Lizard Lounge, all costume entries were encouraged to use the hashtag #HomespunHalloween on their photos throughout the night in order to be eligible to win. Three bands played to entertain the vivacious crowd. The prize? A Golden Ticket and Slackwater News prize pack! Some of the photos from the evening are severely entertaining.

Halloween weekend was truly incredible, showcasing Lancaster’s greatest talents in all arenas. What a joy it is to live in a town where fun holidays are taken so seriously so that we can all enjoy them to the fullest!

Federal Taphouse: www.federaltaphouselanc.com
Horse Inn: www.horseinnlancaster.com
Homespun Lancaster: www.facebook.com/homespunlancaster/