A Phamily Recipe (For Success)

— From the pages of Taysted #04

Naomi Nerome Pham, owner of Issei Noodle, was raised by very supportive parents. Her mother, who understood and supported that continuing her academic career was not something she desired, asked Naomi to instead help at their restaurant located
in Japan.

“My mother wanted her children to work on each of their strengths. She wanted to share her dream with me. She would wake me up at four in the morning before school and put me to work,” says Naomi. And she loved it. She knew as an adult that having her own restaurant where she could share her pham-ilys’ recipes was what she was meant to do.

Naomi’s husband, best friend, and biggest supporter is from Vietnam, but grew up in the United States. After getting married, their vibrant cultural backgrounds merged into the tastes of their cooking. She learned how to make authentic pho from her mother in law, and her own children encouraged her with their opinions on how to make her food taste the best. Her son, André Ryūnosuke Pham, is now the chef at their second location in Lancaster, which has been open for a year and a half. Just like her mother, Naomi has supported André in his career decisions.

Naomi loves to cook, and loves cooking custom requests most of all. “I love to see people really enjoying whatever it is they ask for,” she says with a warm smile. She is often asked by regular customers who visit the Carlisle location (which has been open for nine years) to cook off-menu items which have made previous appearances. Naomi, a cheerful and vibrant woman, loves to see people enjoying her food.

The Issei Noodle Phamily wants you to taste what past generations upon generations once tasted. So, what should you order? The Phams recommend Haru Warm Ramen (named after Naomi’s mother, Haru), Tan Tan Ramen (nutty, earthy, and spicy), or their authentic Vietnamese Beef Pho (healthy, energizing, and fulfilling).

Issei noodle
44 North Queen Street, Lancaster PA
(717) 449-6800