A Lucky Pint for Thee

— From the pages of Taysted #04

Dawn Steelman, general manager of Annie Bailey’s, has been working for the popular city pub since August of 2007. If you’ve ever relaxed with a delicious, foamy pint of Tröegs at the shiny wooden bar (which was shipped straight from Ireland) you may owe Dawn your gratitude. She is responsible for the rotating draft list which changes approximately every three days.

The tasty variety of beverages offered on the Annie Bailey’s menu may come as a surprise to dining guests; the selection they offer is quite astounding. From brown ales, to stouts, to sours, to cider, Dawn strives to create a consistent list which features a beverage for anyone and everyone.

“I like seeing people’s preconceived notions about beer challenged, including my own,” Dawn says. For example,  if a patron wants something in between Miller Lite and a dark beer, Dawn will throw in a taste of Smithwick’s with the other samples she suggests. Yes, Smithwick’s is a darker Irish ale, but it does not hold typical characteristics of a dark ale, such as heavy and intense with flavor. With an open mind, it is possible to find a beer you enjoy which, upon first glance, you may not have tried initially.

“I enjoy the freedom Josh and Jake give me with picking new beers for the varied beer program,” Dawn explains. Willing to try new things, she is always challenging her own ideas of what she likes by constantly trying different versions of styles she doesn’t normally care for; that is, until she finds the one that changes her mind. Dawn invites you to take a journey through the Annie Bailey’s draft list, so that maybe you can find a new favorite, too.

Annie Bailey’s
28 East King Street, #30 • Lancaster, PA
(717) 393-4000